Wet Strength Labels

Wet Strength Labels

Enhance bottled beverages with an irresistible wet strength label option.

Experience the appeal of metallized labels in 3D

As a printer, when you think about wet strength labels, you're thinking about all the potential pitfalls you need to overcome to create a label that doesn't only look great, but can also withstand the environmental demands such as extended exposure in an ice bucket.

By using metallized paper for wet strength labels, you can offer your clients a premium label, without a premium price tag. We produce some of the highest quality metallized paper available, which means you can expect smooth running on your machines, fantastic printability, fewer delays and an all-round, better wet strength label for your clients.

  • Label Printers
  • Brewers
  • Spirit Bottlers
  • Water Bottlers
  • Specialty Beverages
  • Returnable & Refillable Bottles
  • Non-returnable Bottles

Let us inspire you

We have asked a leading packaging design agency to create a few brilliant examples of metallized wet strength labels. Then we developed a unique interactive 3D viewer so you can experience the appeal for yourself. Enjoy!

Metallized wet strength label beer bottle

Metallic Wet Strength Labels

Metallic Wet Strength Labels

  • 5 plants around the world: Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy and USA
  • 700 dedicated employees
  • 80 countries
  • 40 years of experience

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  • High wet strength and medium wet strength solutions available
  • Compatible with nearly all printing technologies
  • Industry leading wash-off speeds
  • Options available to meet your ink retention requirements 
  • Tolerant to both high and low temperature and humidity


  • Looks that leave customers with a lasting impression
  • High gloss or matte finishes
  • Holographic finishes available
  • Extensive branding and design possibilities
  • Creative services able to assist in bringing client’s vision to life
  • Suitable for complex label shapes


  • Excellent ink clarity and performance 
  • Printers able to maximize impressions per minute
  • High line and labelling speed 
  • Strong global technical support team


Index Value
Nissha Metallizing Pro support Included
Weight up to 93 gsm
Available in UltraShine
Custom finishes
Brushed, Linen, Pinhead, Shine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Print methods Gravure, Offset, Flexography, Digital, UV and Conventional
Ink advice included
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Physical Prototype On request
Augmented Reality Prototype On request
Other finishes and options Contact us

Benefits for printers

Metallized paper helps you cater to a broader range of brands and customers by offering a label that's more commercially attractive. Our paper:

  • Suitable to nearly all printing press equipment
  • Optimized to perform well with a large variety of inks
  • Performs efficiently on printing presses to maximize impressions per minute
  • Provides excellent surface characteristics for printing
  • Is eco-friendly
  • Strong and reliable global supply chain

Benefits for converters

Our papers are easy to work with, operationally efficient and help your clients boost their sales.

  • Support market entry in the minimum timeframe
  • Waste suitable to be recycled
  • Strong and reliable global supply chain

Benefits for brands

The way your product looks in-store is a key factor in its sale. Our product provides provable benefits for your brand: they give your customers the impression of a premium product and demands attention on the shelf. This helps you to:

  • Catch and retain consumer attention
  • Differentiate your brand and products from the competition
  • Convey to consumers that brand is of high quality
  • Nurture brand connection
  • Support market entry with successful launches of new brands


Great looks

Leave a lasting impression with a label that has a smooth, high gloss or matte surface

Excellent printability

Ideal surface to ensure excellent printing definition and clarity

Supports fast market entry

Attractive labels generate great shelf appeal during market launches


Quality closely monitored through production process to offer reliable, high quality product 

Safety and reliability

Meets all standard industry and regulatory requirements


0% plastics: a sustainable and recyclable alternative to PSL labels

Variety of widths and sheet sizes

Custom slitting and sheeting available to minimalize your converting waste

A label shouldn't just tell a story; it should sell it.

FAQ about Wet Strength Labels

  • At AR Metallizing, we produce metallized paper for wet strength labels that ranges from 56 to 82 gsm. It is compatible with nearly all contemporary printing techniques such as offset, rotogravure and flexography. It offers a surface that is ideal for interaction between the paper and ink, which gives excellent printability, great definition and clarity on the final metallized wet strength label. ​​​​​​​Metallized paper is suited to all types of ink, such as solvent-based, water-based and UV curable. 

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  • As a kid, did you ever condense your breath on a mirror? We did. The art of metallizing is very similar.

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  • Today, there are more rules and regulations for beverage manufacturers to comply with than ever before. While that doesn’t concern printers directly in itself, it does mean that you can’t afford any delays or issues during your print runs, because there’s so little time between approval that the product can go to market and it’s scheduled delivery in stores. 

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  • With beer consumption increasing, and more and more craft beers flooding onto the market, we know that breweries can be key clients for printers. That said, we also know that they can place some pretty specific and strenuous demands on you for their labels, especially those who take back empty bottles before sanitizing, refilling and reselling them.

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  • The future of the planet concerns us all, and we know that your clients are asking you about the best possible options for sustainability and recycling. Aside from its appealing looks, one of the main reasons why metallized wet strength labels can be an attractive option for your clients is because metallized paper is simply recyclable as paper (the aluminium coating is so thin that it doesn’t impede the recycling process at all).

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  • We’re not here to help you deliver a good label; we’re here to help you deliver a great one. We understand that if there are issues with any of the fundamental elements clients expect from a wet strength label (bleeding, curling, ink adhesion, passing the ice bucket test) they will be coming to you looking for answers.

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  • With increased demand for bottled drinks, more labels need to be produced to keep up with demand, which is a fantastic opportunity for printers to grow their client base.  Between beverage producers though, there’s still fierce competition, as established brands expand their product offering by launching new grade lines into the marketplace. Naturally, that means that all of today’s beverage manufacturers are looking for a sure-fire way to make their products appealing to potential customers, and they want to leverage the labels, inks and high quality prints you provide to make their products as attractive as possible. 

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  • It’s expected that by 2026, the global beverage market will gross in excess of USD 1.8 billion. With bottled water and consumption of different soft drinks on the rise too, consumer demand for packaged and bottled beverages is set to continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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