How can metallized wet strength labels help printers attract more clients?

How can metallized wet strength labels help printers attract more clients?

With increased demand for bottled drinks, more labels need to be produced to keep up with demand, which is a fantastic opportunity for printers to grow their client base. 

Between beverage producers though, there’s still fierce competition, as established brands expand their product offering by launching new grade lines into the marketplace. Naturally, that means that all of today’s beverage manufacturers are looking for a sure-fire way to make their products appealing to potential customers, and they want to leverage the labels, inks and high quality prints you provide to make their products as attractive as possible. 

At the forefront of that, will be a great label that is attractive in stores – we can all understand that your clients want their products flying off the shelves. And while that’s great, you know that it’s not just about looks, there are other considerations your clients need to be making when it comes to wet strength labels; namely the label’s ability to pass demanding ice bucket conditions, be resistant to the humid bottling environment, friction endured on the bottling and sorting lines and then again during transport

And what if you could switch it around? What if you could offer to print on a material that is a little bit out of the ordinary to new and existing clients – an option that’s ideally suited for wet strength labels and attractive enough that it can increase sales for your clients by boosting the premium appeal of their products?  It’s not too good to be true: the answer is printing wet strength labels on metallized paper. 

By printing metallized wet strength labels, you're essentially providing a way for beverage manufacturers to set their product apart from the competition. And because metallized wet strength labels convey quality and value (which is exactly what brands are looking for) for only a small investment on their part, it’s a pretty compelling solution for printers to be able to offer their clients.

So where does that get you? As a printer, metallized paper gives you the ability to cater to a broader range of brands and clients, offering them a very commercial and attractive label that’s likely to boost their sales or increase the price of their products. What’s important is that you’re able to offer that without having to change your basic printing infrastructure, which means more printing without incurring higher overheads or requiring special handling or printing techniques.

A secondary, but less obvious selling point, is metallized paper’s ability to be recycled. With consumers increasingly turning to brands that are taking steps to be more sustainable, there is also a solid business case for offering your clients a label solution that both looks great and is recyclable.