Confectionery and chocolate packaging: Finding your sweet spot

Confectionery and chocolate packaging: Finding your sweet spot

Over the past few years, new consumer demands have emerged with regards to confectionary and chocolate packaging.

Sustainability, unsurprisingly, is one of them. Slightly more unexpected is rising demand for higher quality and healthier ingredients, and the need for packaging to adequately communicate them. 


Consumers are becoming increasingly selective

Nowadays, there is more emphasis on leading a healthy lifestyle compared to a decade ago. The good news is, people are aware that sweet treats can be an integral part of a balanced diet - as long as they’re included in the right amounts. Portion size variety is considered important by 78% of US consumers, compared to 69% just two years ago according to the ​​National Confectioners Association 2022 report. Added to this, 81% see chocolate and candy as “a fun part of life”. 

As a result, a number of major confectionery manufacturers have begun offering more single-serving products containing no more than 200 calories, and offering clear front-of-pack nutritional information. Furthermore, manufacturers are making strides to meet increasing demand for “free from” products - i.e sugar, dairy or additive-free. 



Health and sustainability go hand in hand

A new kind of consumer has emerged - one that is no longer prepared to accept healthier candies produced using sustainable manufacturing processes that come in packaging destined for landfill. Producers are being tasked to come up with products that contain better ingredients, reflect ethical practices and are sustainably packaged. 

Quite a task when you take into consideration the sharp increase in single-serve confectionary and online grocery shopping that occurred as a result of the pandemic - in 2020, online confectionary sales increased by 75%. The rise of e-commerce obliges manufacturers to source large amounts of extra packaging in order to ship their products safely and cost-effectively. Thankfully, advances in packaging materials, printing techniques  and manufacturing processes are bringing confectioners ever closer to finding their sweet spot when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and design. 



Here are some key factors to take into account:

  • Ensure your packaging reflects your values. Brand is still a major purchasing driver when it comes to confectionery. Packaging should seamlessly integrate information about your products’ ingredients and health credentials as well as your company’s ethical practices and sustainability commitments.
  • Keep new snacking habits in mind. Consumers seem to be adopting a “little and often” approach when it comes to sweet treats. Smaller types of candy, such as truffles, bites and individual servings are gaining in popularity, and need to be packaged accordingly - and sustainably. Nissha Metallizing Solutions’ twisting candy wrap is fully recyclable and boasts foldability and twisting properties that compare favourably with traditional multilayer alternatives.
  • Design for e-commerce. Products not only need to stand out on smartphone screens, they also need to arrive on customers’ doorsteps looking and tasting great. 
  • Work with a trusted partner. Nissha Metallizing Solutions has deep hands-on industry experience and extensive knowledge of printing and converting processes, products and machinery.


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