Workplace safety at our site in Belgium

Workplace safety at our site in Belgium

One of the key priorities of the Nissha Group is workplace safety. During the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW) meeting, a comment was raised regarding a hazardous point at the passageways to machine B10. In collaboration with the CPBW members, this issue was thoroughly addressed, resulting in the development of an internal traffic management plan.

Since then, several measures have been taken to address the identified safety concerns. Additional mirrors have been installed to enhance visibility. Extra fences have been placed at dangerous corners to prevent pedestrians from getting too close to the passages, providing better protection.

At a particularly hazardous intersection, a light projector with a stop sign has been installed. It illuminates as soon as a forklift or another pedestrian approaches from the opposite side. This warning system alerts pedestrians to exercise extra caution at this passage.

We are pleased to see that these measures have contributed to the improvement of internal traffic safety. It is a testament to our commitment to ensuring a safe working environment for everyone. We would like to express our gratitude to the CPBW members for their involvement and valuable input in identifying these areas for improvement.

It is crucial that we all actively contribute to maintaining a safe working environment. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant, report any potential hazards, and adhere to safety measures.

Together, we create a safe and healthy work environment where we can fully focus on our tasks. Thank you for your cooperation!