Why use metallized paper for your packaging?

Why use metallized paper for your packaging?

Metallized paper is an ideal face stock for packaging for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it is a hugely attractive face stock. Naturally glossy (and of course metallic in its look) it is eye-catching, and brands can leverage its appeal to convey a premium and high-value feel to their customers.

Metallized paper also offers a premium quality face stock from a printing perspective – it runs as paper, is smooth, easy to work with and causes minimum delays on printing and converting infrastructure due to quality issues.

Last (but certainly not least) it is fully recyclable – complementing brand and consumer desire to reduce or eliminate unnecessary plastics from packaging.


Metallized paper is proven to increase consumer consideration

Up to 67% of a customer’s grocery shopping is purchased on impulse. The trend isn’t only limited to stores. They are up to 5% more likely to make an impulse grocery buy online than in store.

Labels influence how quickly a consumer sees your product and how long they look at it. The longer customers look at your product, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Studies also noted consumers associate metallized packaging with ‘premium’ and ‘high-end’ products. Using metallized paper labels, brands can benefit from better shelf appeal. Enjoy more sales and better profit margins with metallized paper.

shelf appeal touch image
Shelf appeal touch image