Why use metallized paper for general labels?

Why use metallized paper for general labels?

General labels have always been popular, and for good reason: they have a reputation for being cost effective for printing at high volumes, their production method produces minimal waste, and the application is increasingly efficient. All these factors have made general labels a ‘go-to’ for many brands today, and their use is only set to grow.

All of the above is good news for printers and converters. More demand for general labels means increased print runs, additional clients, and because of the versatility of general labels, you can expect to be able to offer general labels for a more significant number of applications across various market segments, too.

At Nissha Metallizing Solutions, we recognize that increased demand for labels is always welcome, and it brings companies like yours a lot of exciting opportunities. We also know that the quality of the label you’re able to offer is paramount, with scuffing, flagging, curling, challenges with glue and eventual issues running face stock through your machines all being key elements that you’re mitigating to produce the best label for your clients.

We also know that it isn’t enough to produce a label that is excellent quality. Your clients are expecting you to deliver a label that reflects the quality and value of their product, which means that the label face stock is a basic but key consideration when it comes to ensuring your clients can present a product that has significant shelf appeal where it matters most: in-store.

Metallized paper is an ideal face stock for general labels for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it is a hugely attractive face stock. Naturally glossy (and of course metallic in its look) it is eye-catching, and brands can leverage its appeal to convey a premium and high-value feel to their customers.

Metallized paper also offers a premium quality face stock from a printing perspective – it runs as paper, is smooth, easy to work with and causes minimum delays on printing and converting infrastructure due to quality issues.

Last (but certainly not least) it is fully recyclable – complementing brand and consumer desire to reduce or eliminate unnecessary plastics from packaging.

From a more practical perspective for you, our metallized paper is suited to all types of ink, and it offers a surface that is ideal for interaction between the paper and ink, which gives excellent printability, high definition and text clarity.

These features can be particularly important if the general labels are used for food containers, given there are rules detailing the minimum clarity permitted on labels of consumable products.  Our product is also ideally suited to react optimally with the glue used on the lap of the label.