Why is a supplier of quality in-mold labels key to you?

Why is a supplier of quality in-mold labels key to you?

Branching into IML can be a daunting prospect for brands, especially to those for whom chemical and technical processes are more abstract (think branding or marketing departments, as opposed to research and development teams). To many brands, they need reassurance that their partners can deliver the quality IML they require, on deadline and with minimal issues, especially if the application means moving away from trusted processes and partners that they’ve used for some time.

That means for you it’s imperative to have solid partnerships with the supply chain that runs from the label manufacturer to the printer, and finally onto the molder. Offering the end client, a reliable supply chain with established partnerships and quality products.

How can we support you to offer this to your clients? At Nissha Metallizing Solutions, we know that with more than any other labeling process, IML can throw some curveballs. If it isn’t working it’s not simply solved by trying another glue or applying more pressure - issues might stem from the label substrate, and you’d possibly need support to be able to counter any issues you’re experiencing.

At Nissha Metallizing Solutions, we’ve had decades of experience, and we’re highly skilled producers and innovators of our product, in fact, we’re some of the most proficient manufacturers in the business. We’re proud producers of some of the highest quality metallized labels on the market.

We know that you’ll need to be able to guarantee that your metallized paper partner can provide a high quality product that is stable and composition that you can rely on, so you know that it won’t react differently during the converting or molding process. Our processes are thoroughly vetted and our labels are consistent to ensure that they have always excellent quality.

We always go the extra mile for our IML partners, and we’re proud to be able to offer our expert advice, support and guidance to assist our valued partners. That means we’re willing to innovate and tailor our products and in a practical sense, if you come to us with a specific metallized label application that you need for a new client, we will work alongside you to make sure the labels we supply to you are perfect for the applications that you – and your customers – require.