Why is a supplier of quality labels key to you?

Why is a supplier of quality labels key to you?

Labels are big business for printers and converters, but as well you know, they can sometimes be tricky. Ensuring that the label can withstand the environment that comes with the product it’s stuck on is paramount. It's also essential that there aren’t other issues that could cause delays or issues on the printing and converting infrastructure.

At Nissha Metallizing Solutions, we’ve had decades of experience, and we’re highly skilled producers and innovators of metallized paper – we’re some of the most proficient manufacturers in the business. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in creating a label or face stock that is ideally suited to a wide range of application, be it for beverages or garden products.

We’re proud to consistently provide an exceptional product, and we undertake nothing less than regular and rigorous testing on our paper to ensure that it’s always of the highest quality.

We also see it as our job to be available to help troubleshoot any issues you could potentially encounter with our labels. If there are issues with the liner or ink, or if you’re looking to pitch to new clients and want to perfect some prototypes, it’s our commitment to support you, helping iron out any potential issues you’re having that might get in the way of delivering the perfect label.

We’re aware that anything less than the best quality can create issues and delayed print-runs. While we rarely have doubts as to the quality of our product, rest assured that if we do, it never leaves our factories. We only stock printers with a product that we’re 100% happy with, meaning you can have total peace of mind about the quality we supply.

At Nissha Metallizing Solutions, we go the extra mile for every firm we supply to, so you can rest assured that we will continue to offer valued support and relevant guidance anytime you need it.