What are the functional benefits of metallized paper?

What are the functional benefits of metallized paper?

Composite materials containing foils and plastics have long reigned supreme in the packaging world, and for good reason: they offer good barrier properties, durability and resistance and last but not least, lend themselves to bold, colourful looks that stand out both in-store and online.

But as consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions increases, more and more companies are seeking to replace their current packaging with more eco-friendly alternatives. How does metallized paper fare from a functionality perspective? 


The basics

Metallized paper is produced by coating, rather than laminating, a thin layer of aluminium onto a paper base layer. Rather than changing the properties of the paper substrate, the aluminium coating, which is 1000 times thinner than conventional aluminium foil, provides the paper substrate with a number of technical benefits. These include:

Barrier properties

Our metallized paper is currently unique on the market as a 95% paper-based product with an outstanding MVTR barrier. Metallized paper is suitable for a wide variety of packaging applications and comes with varying levels of barrier properties: while the metallized layer offers natural protection against light, our papers are also available with special coatings for added grease, moisture or oxygen barriers. This enables brands to combine shelf appeal with high-performance packaging that supports freshness and taste retention.

Durability and dead-fold properties

Another advantage of metallized paper is its exemplary dead-fold properties. Food packaging is often unfolded and re-folded several times before the contents are entirely consumed, meaning that wrappers need to be able to return to their original shape without “spring back”. Metallized paper-based candy, chocolate and chewing wrappers do just that. What’s more, metallized paper has excellent tear resistance, meaning it stays looking good even in punishing transport and storage conditions.

Supply chain optimisation

Our metallized paper is optimised for most conventional printing and converting machinery, meaning minimal disruption to existing processes. It is also print-ready, enabling brands to easily change up their designs and switch to seasonal or promotional packaging. What’s more, our Research and Development team is on-hand to help companies find a design that is adapted to their specific purposes, providing prototype lab-made samples that are then evaluated for compatibility with the desired application.

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