Sustainable luxury: tips for premium brands

Sustainable luxury: tips for premium brands

Brands have been aware for a while now that in order to appeal to a wide range of consumers, they have to step up their sustainability game.

Research has repeatedly shown that buyers are prepared to pay more for products they perceive as sustainable - up to 10% more when it comes to Gen Z. And premium products are no exception: over half of survey respondents said they take sustainability into account when purchasing a luxury item. 

Luxury purchases tend to be associated with opulence and excess, rather than sustainability. However, the two are far from mutually exclusive: both shun passing trends in favour of durability, consistency and a focus on creativity and innovation.

Here are a few ways premium brands can showcase their sustainability efforts:

  • More inclusive marketing: luxury brands are increasingly seeking to shrug off a snobbish, exclusionary image of yesteryear with marketing campaigns targeted at increasingly diverse audiences and an upfront approach to social issues. 
  • Strong social responsibility practices: showcasing your social responsibility practices can go a long way towards attracting and retaining customers. Accreditations, company-wide initiatives in favour of sustainability, or new partnerships are well worth highlighting on your website or social media. 
  • A sustainable supply chain: building a sustainable supply chain means carefully thinking through every last link. This involves working with ethical suppliers, sourcing sustainable base materials and considering the least impactful distribution options. 


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