RotoFLEX® RƐ-Shine

RotoFLEX® RƐ-Shine

Our eco-friendly metallized paper, crafted from recycled materials, is a giant leap in sustainability compared to virgin fiber metallization.

It enhances wet-strength labels with a premium gloss while reducing environmental impact.  On today’s #TechTipTuesday, we explore how RotoFLEX® RƐ-Shine benefits brewers and beverage brands, focusing on wash-off rates and performance.

Reusing glass bottles is prevalent in the beer industry, especially in many countries. Bottles are cleaned and refilled, contributing to a circular economy. As more companies embrace sustainability, more brewers commit to bottle reuse.

Key considerations for brewers:

- maintaining label integrity
- ink retention
- optimizing washing lines
- reducing rejected bottles
- and achieving rapid wash-off times with both casein and synthetic glues

Technical requirements: understanding modern glue behavior

Over the past years, glue trends for wet-strength label applications have changed and developed significantly. Where casein glues were typically the ‘go to’ of the past for wet-strength label applications, they are increasingly being replaced by synthetic glues. Synthetic glues have excellent ice water resistance. Their superior qualities were identified when they were initially used in tropical countries where beers are sold on the streets in ice water buckets. Although they offer optimal ice water resistance, sometimes synthetic glues can take longer to wash off in caustic solutions than casein glues, which slows the recycling process. Our specialized paper for wet-strength labels "RotoFLEX" have reduced the wash off time for synthetic glues – a distinct advantage for brewers and beverage producers. Due to competitive cost advantages, synthetic glues have grown in market share in the beverage industry, also in Northern Europe, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.  Casein glues are still used however, and producers of wet-strength label materials like Nissha Metallizing Solutions need to have a base paper that can reliably meet the requirements of brewers using either casein or synthetic glues.

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Join us on the sustainability journey! Explore RotoFLEX® RƐ-Shine today and make a lasting impact on your eco-conscious initiatives!