Recyclability Seminars at NMS

Recyclability Seminars at NMS

Cellulose Fiber-based materials are the core of Nissha Metallized Solutions standard and new business. The value of those products are not only linked to the renewable resources of the cellulose fibers but also to the possibility to recycle those material in the paper recycling streams.

A group of people within Nissha Metallizing Solutions is working to assess and certify the recyclability of NMS paper grades, depending on the worldwide different regulations and methodologies.

A seminar on Recyclability will be held in the 5 NMS production sites to share a little bit of the knowledge and the ongoing work, covering the following points:

  • Recyclability: Why?
  • Customers' actual needs
  • Ongoing work & Partnerships
  • NMS Criticalities
  • What to do?


The seminar will be proposed to all office people and to some people working in production. Some interactive activities will be in place during the seminar, which we hope may help in the understanding.