In-mold labeling: how AR Metallizing helps customers overcome potential pain points

In-mold labeling: how AR Metallizing helps customers overcome potential pain points

Ultimate appeal: the benefits of in-mold labeling.

In-mold labeling is an attractive and sought-after choice for a lot of today’s leading brands, and you only have to step into your local grocery store  to see companies leveraging the power of in-mold labeling with anything from chilled dairy products to laundry detergents and motor oil.

So just why is in-mold labeling so popular?  IML labels can be made of the same material as the packaging vessels, allowing the finished product to be fully recyclable.  This is desirable to clients looking to develop sustainable, landfill free packaging solutions.  In addition, as IML labels are formed into the vessel structure, the labels are able to withstand the significant changes to humidity and temperature without losing their luster or beauty.  This makes them an excellent solution for frozen or refrigerated items. 

As any printer will know, there’s also added appeal when it comes to in-mold labeling, brands can present their customers with high-quality graphics and designs that are almost ‘photo grade.’ Such good quality imagery can offer an advantage in the market because it adds a premium element to the label, especially when compared with other labeling methods.  


In-mold labeling: how AR Metallizing helps customers overcome potential pain points


Innovative looks

‘A while back, we had an enquiry from a dairy food business who wanted an in-mold label option for their a new product launch. They were struggling to find options that set the bar high in terms of looks,’ says Clémentine Boehrer, Business Development and Sales Manager at AR Metallizing. The brand wanted a special label look, and the mold manufacturer they were working with had suggested AR Metallizing’s products could present an advantage because of the metallic finish, standard within our product options.

‘We typically get a lot of inquiries from brands or their suppliers who are looking for an innovative way to produce in-mold labels with a ‘wow’ factor without requiring  metallic inks or aluminum foil laminations,’ explains Clémentine. AR Metallizing solutions offer the ‘wow’ factor without compromising sustainability initiatives.

A​​​​​​n innovative way to produce in-mold labels with a ‘wow’ factor without requiring  metallic inks or aluminum foil laminations.

AR Metallizing is also a rare player in the in-mold labeling producer segment in that we can produce extra-special looks for in-mold labels. ‘Holography can be incorporated into our products for in-mold applications, which would really put brands out there in terms of cutting edge looks that have maximum shelf appeal,’ explains Lindsey Barbee, National Account Manager USA. 


A reliable supply chain dedicated to collaboration

The supply chain for in-mold labeling can also present a challenge. With other labeling methods, supply chain and collaboration are obviously essential, but an ability to work together and iron out issues quickly is vital with the in-mold print, production and labeling processes because there’s more science required to attain the perfect label.

‘A successful and ongoing collaboration with other partners in the supply chain is imperative for a successful and quick in-mold application experience for the brand in question,’ says Lindsey. AR Metallizing is dedicated to making sure our product is performing optimally and collaborate extensively with other parties in the supply chain: we believe it’s not only the expertise of our own products that sets us apart, but our understanding of all the elements within the label structure that is an added bonus for our customers.


Technical understanding of in-mold labeling, backed by science and know-how

AR Metallizing produces both papers and films for in-mold labels, and our product portfolio contains solutions that are ideal for both blow mold and injection mold  applications.

AR Metallizing proudly works extensively alongside base material suppliers, printers, molders, and automation providers  to ensure our product is tailored for their set up so together we can deliver an absolutely perfect product to the end customer.

AR Metallizing: experts in removing the stress of in-mold labeling

In-mold labeling is a popular labeling method, but it can be complex for some of today’s brands as they look to understand how the process works and what options are available to them. At AR Metallizing we work hard to explain the science and technologies behind in-mold labeling and how our products play a part. Ultimately, though, we’re here to serve our customers and their partners and make sure that we deliver a stunning end product. As a result, many of our clients rely on us to understand the scientific aspects and deliver the perfect end product, seamlessly ironing out any challenges as they arise. This is where our real expertise lies – taking the stress away from in-mold labeling!