How holography creates the perfect cover for a renowned perfume guide

How holography creates the perfect cover for a renowned perfume guide

Holotech raindrop finish - Perfume guide


One of Brazil’s leading perfume specialists, Renata Ashcar, recently released an exclusive book, titled Guia de Perfumes 2019/2020 [Perfume Guide]. The book is considered a must-have for perfume enthusiasts, and it details best-selling perfumes, classic scents, new releases and information about the domestic and international perfumes sold in Brazil.

The publication includes stories and insights into the featured scents which are both internationally recognized and native to the Brazilian market. The guide also serves as a tool to help readers better understand the finesse and subtleties of perfumes or their favorite scents – giving valuable tips on how to pair a perfume with a special occasion, for example.  

When the writing process was finished, Renata and her team turned their attention to their vision for the cover. The proofs for the book now included stunning photography which was laid out to complement Renata’s expertise. The book shared Renata’s expertise through a series of text and stories, and so anything less than an exquisite and elegant cover would let down the guide.

With all this in mind, when it came to choosing a backdrop for the front cover, Renata wanted a special look that was captivating and distinctive, but at the same time, was evocative of perfume – not an easy task!

Our Holotech Board used for the cover is a 305gsm board, and our long-term partner Lavezzo Gráfica e Editora Ltda was engaged by Renata’s team to carry out the print-work, which was achieved using the offset method.

Holotech "Raindrop finish"

After deliberation and investigation into different cover options that would achieve just the looks they were looking for, AR Metallizing was approached by Renata and her team, who were interested in our specialty finishes. Renata chose our Holotech ‘Raindrops finish’ as the background of the guide’s cover. The holographic raindrop effect added a visually appealing element that undoubtedly gives the book a distinctive and premium look. The raindrops lent contemporary elegance to the cover, and more than a little glamour – perfect for a book about perfume!

The cover had a classic perfume bottle printed on it, and the artwork was designed to allow the raindrops effect to be seen through certain parts of the bottle, showing how special finishes and inks can be cleverly combined to enhance the overall look of an application.

The final effect is a truly beautiful book that can take pride of place on any coffee table, and we’re proud that our innovative finish has helped Renata to create such a visually appealing cover that complements her book so perfectly.