How great packaging can boost subscription box sales

How great packaging can boost subscription box sales

Even in the digital age, people still love getting mail: undoubtedly one of the reasons subscription boxes have become so popular over the past few years. While the format was practically unheard of a decade ago, subscription boxes have enjoyed 100% year-on-year growth since 2014. 

However, research shows that consumers are quick to cancel boxes that don’t live up to their expectations. In a competitive market where success is highly dependent on having a loyal customer base, how can brands ensure their boxes continue to delight subscribers, month in month out?

The importance of subscription box packaging

There are several reasons why people love subscription boxes. Alongside the obvious convenience of having products delivered directly to their doorstep, subscriptions are a great way for consumers to ensure they’re always stocked up on commodity items such as vitamins or personal hygiene products.

But beyond comfort and practicality, the whole experience of receiving a package, unwrapping it and exploring the contents is a major part of the appeal of subscription boxes - “unboxing” videos, after all, have become a big YouTube trend over the past few years. What’s more, psychologists reckon that when a parcel is beautifully presented, the recipient is favorably predisposed to whatever it contains.

How to make the most of subscription box packaging


High-quality, visually-appealing packaging is essential in order to retain consumers’ attention and ensure each delivery is a delight. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when designing a subscription box:

  1. Glossy good looks: research has shown that consumers naturally connect high-end packaging with high-quality contents. What’s more, people tend to associate bright colors and shimmery effects with joyous occasions. A stylish, glossy finish will increase customer engagement and boost your brand image.
  2. Durability: there’s little point in investing time and money in beautiful packaging design if it arrives at its destination covered in dents and scratches. Metallized board is vaporized with a microscopically thin layer of aluminium that not only gives it visual appeal, but also offers a durable, high-quality finish that protects both the box and its contents.
  3. Sustainability: did you know that 80% of people say that sustainability is important to them? Increasing numbers of consumers are factoring recyclability into their decision to opt for one product or another, meaning that it’s important for brands to opt for packaging that’s energy-efficient to produce and easy to recycle. 


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