How does metallized packaging help printers and converters cater to a growing demand for premium packaging?

How does metallized packaging help printers and converters cater to a growing demand for premium packaging?

When it comes to packaging, brands want one thing: a packaging that makes their product attractive to consumers and reinforces the quality and value of their brand and product.

Metallized packaging is ideally positioned to deliver the desired looks to brands; while maintaining a trusted look, metallized packaging can give packaging a real ‘wow factor’: bold, glossy looks that are eye-catching and don’t compromise on the overall quality.

Another reason to offer brands metallized packaging is that they aren’t overly common, meaning they’re almost guaranteed to catch consumer attention.

What do we mean exactly? Browse the aisles and you’ll notice that most brands have traditional ‘plain’ paper packaging. There isn’t any real reason for this, beyond the fact that brands often aren’t aware they have more options available.

As a result, brands are inadvertently using traditional looks that make it difficult for their products to stand out in competitive markets. We’ve found brands can often be surprised and delighted by the effect and additional shelf appeal metallized packaging can provide – imagine walking back down that same aisle and seeing metallized packaging – it is immediately captivating and naturally draws attention.

All in all, today’s brands are looking for one thing above all others when it comes to their packaging: shelf appeal. Standing out in already competitive markets is key, and brands are looking to printers and converters to help provide them create packaging that make their products all the more appealing, while not compromising on quality.

While metallized packaging is physically attractive with its glossy, shiny looks, it’s also appealing for other reasons too: principally that it is fully recyclable, and it doesn’t contain any plastics.  With more consumers and brands wanting to find eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options, offering metallized packaging which can be recycled will undoubtedly be an appealing characteristic for your clients.

Metallized packaging will help you solidify your reputation as a valued partner to your clients, offering them looks that boost the premium appeal of their products.