How is direct mail giving corporations an edge in a digital world?

How is direct mail giving corporations an edge in a digital world?

When it comes to ROI, direct mail still packs a punch.


The last few years have seen a surge in online advertising, and it’s easy to understand the appeal. The popularity of social media, the ease of setting up email campaigns and use of search engines means running digital advertising campaigns is increasingly a preferred choice for many brands. 

Direct mail is far from old news, however. Many corporations – particularly the financial and real estate sectors, are finding that it still brings them reliable results and great ROI. So why does direct mail continue to pack such a punch, and how is it a game-changer in an increasingly digital world?

Beat the scroll: physical campaigns can reign supreme

Direct mail is popular today with consumers because it is so different from digital advertising, which has become the norm. Customers can feel bombarded by emails, pop-ups, videos, and other online advertisements. As a result, they have simply become used to ‘tuning out’ of digital advertising, creating a challenge for today's marketers. 

Direct mail, therefore, represents an incredibly effective way of grasping consumer attention in a novel way that’s worlds apart from the huge number of digital campaigns they are exposed to each day. With a well thought out direct mail campaign, it can be easier to capture a target audience's attention.

Deliver a truly distinctive campaign

As any marketing department will know, investing in digital campaigns that stand out isn’t cheap. Custom videos, unique artwork and cutting-edge copy are all potential components that require a significant investment for companies looking to be seen in the digital advertising jungle. Direct mail offers opportunities to send appealing and engaging mail that’s on-brand and precisely tailored to a specific audience at a fraction of the price of the digital collateral needed to run online campaigns.

Less competition

Direct mail is sometimes forgotten as businesses and brands focus on digital opportunities. The result is that there can be less competition in the direct mail sphere than there is online. This presents a concrete benefit for corporations looking to complement digital campaigns with other marketing drives. 

Direct mail helps large corporations build more valuable connections

Where overexposed audiences can overlook online campaigns, direct mail offers an easy way for corporations to deliver a welcome dose of fun. This can be particularly useful for national (or international) companies and institutions that are typically perceived to be very ‘corporate’ but who want to be regarded as more human. By delivering high-quality mail into the hands of their target audience, such brands can build valuable connections that feel particularly personal to mail recipients. 

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