How can our metalized paper help printers and converters gain new clients?

How can our metalized paper help printers and converters gain new clients?

We’re continually amazed by the scope of products that use pressure-sensitive labels. Homes, offices, manufacturing, agriculture – we’re hard-pressed to think of a place or trade where you don’t come into contact with this type of label.

So, while there’s massive (and increasing) demand for pressure-sensitive labels, brands are dealing with more competition than ever before. They’re focused on finding ways to stand out in-store and boost shelf appeal, without making such significant investments into their labeling that would imply cutting deeply into profit margins.

By offering metallized paper labels to brands using pressure-sensitive applications, you’re actively presenting a solution that is cost-effective, but significantly boosts shelf appeal when compared to less attractive face stock options. Our metallized paper is made into labels that give brands the premium look they’re after.

Another benefit to you is that our metallized paper is ideal for pressure-sensitive applications for various uses including cosmetics, beverages and household cleaning products. Therefore, you can offer labels that are durable and resilient without worrying labels will peel off in damp bathrooms or before their expiry date.    

Metallized paper is incredibly versatile and one of its principal features is that it looks universally attractive on nearly all containers, bottles, tubs and tubes – even on brightly-colored plastics such as spray bottles.

Printers and converters who offer their clients metallized paper labels are essentially proposing a simple, workable labeling solution that can elevate the end product (even everyday items, like household cleaning products).

This is hugely valuable to clients because you’re essentially helping them boost their sales and increase their profit margins.