How can metallized in-mold labels help printers and molders cater to growing demand?

How can metallized in-mold labels help printers and molders cater to growing demand?

When it comes to labelling, brands choosing the right application for their products have one primary consideration in mind, and it’s no secret: they want a label that makes their product attractive on the shelf, with looks that convey quality, value and help set them apart from the competition. 

What better label to give them all these benefits, than a metallized one? And yes, while that focuses on the brands using a metallized label for their IML applications, we know that doesn’t answer how it can help you – hear us out while we explore further – we firmly believe that in addition to giving product manufacturers some the benefits of increased shelf appeal, they also offer a multitude of up-sides for you too. 

The beauty of IML for brands is that containers can be shaped in innovative and highly tactile ways, but understandably they also want their label to support these strong looks designed to appeal to customers – why have a beautiful bottle that’s let down with a boring label? By offering metallized labels to brands using IML applications you’re helping to endorse this shelf appeal perfectly. Metallized labels offer brands glossy or matte looks that complement bold labels, imagery and logos in a variety of colors, which offer the qualities that consumers find appealing and generates interest in the final product.  

Another benefit to you is that our metallized labels are ideally suited for a variety of industries. For the everyday (cosmetics, food and beverage, household, pharmaceutical) to more specialized usage (automobile, aeronautics, electronics) our metallized labels have the right characteristics to be ideally suited to any industry, adding extra value, quality and appeal. 

When it comes to premium brands, our metallized labels for IML applications have added appeal that you can pass on to your clients 

By offering metallized labels for IML applications, you can offer brands superior looks with a ‘no label’ feel that’s so popular today.