Metallized paper for twisting chocolate wrap

Metallized paper for twisting chocolate wrap

We offer paper-based twisting chocolate wrap, providing bold and premium look wrapping for individually packaged chocolates.

Ideal for brands switching to paper-based wrappers in a bid to significantly reduce unnecessary single-use plastics.

For twisting chocolate wrap, looks alone are not enough. Twisting chocolate wrap needs to have the technical properties to be able to twist without breaking, retain its folds and run smoothly through the strenuous converting process.

Our paper delivers on all fronts. With a low memory for superior twist longevity, our products are ready-to-print, offering significant branding opportunities and they are approved for direct food contact.

A special range of metallized papers and boards used for food packaging.

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Our story


  • Ideal substrates for printing, chocolate wrappers can be branded, colored or elevated with text or imagery
  • Our wrapping materials are adaptable to any size confectionary
  • Our wrappers help protect chocolates from heat and light exposure


  • Elevate twistable chocolate wrappers with luxurious, fun and sumptuous metallic finishes
  • An ideal for surface for printing, our materials allow even detailed text and images on chocolate wrappers to look fantastic
  • Perfect for premium chocolates or brands looking for luxury looks for new chocolate launches launches


  • Our twisting chocolate wrappery have excellent dead fold capabilities meaning they will hold a twist for as long as necessary
  • Our Research and Development team designed our chocolate wraps especially for the strenuous converting process. The paper also has the technical qualities to ensure it will not break or tear during twisting
  • Our product allows for a simplified supply chain which helps brands cut production times.
  • Metallized paper complements the trend for thinner, lighter packaging.


Index Value
Nissha Metallizing Pro support Included
Weight 45 and 48 gsm
Available in UltraShine
Available in Holographic
Available two sided coating
Reverse gloss
Print methods Gravure, UV Offset, Flexography, Digital
Ink advice included
Delivery Rolls, sheets
Physical Prototype On request
Augmented Reality Prototype
Other finishes and options Contact us

Benefits for printers

Our twisting chocolate wrap is easy to work with. Printers enjoy operational efficiencies, such as:

  • Are fully printable and give new branding opportunities
  • Integrate easily with current supply chain
  • Is a recyclable monomaterial
  • Provides excellent surface characteristics for printing
  • Runs efficiently on printing presses to maximize impressions per minute

Benefits for convertors

Our twisting chocolate wrap is easy to work with. Converters enjoy operational efficiencies, such as:

  • Is a recyclable monomaterial
  • We offer a variety of widths to fit your equipment and support your customers’ requests.
  • Is available worldwide
  • Support market entry with successful launches of new brands
  • Gain operational efficiency

Benefits for brands

Brands love our twisting chocolate wrap because:

  • Catch and retain consumer attention
  • Convey your brand is of superior quality
  • Eye catching high gloss and smoothness enhance your graphics standing out on the shelf
  • High end luxury label look leaving lasting impression
  • Is a recyclable monomaterial


Good looks

Leaving a lasting impression with high gloss and smoothness.


Compatible with a wide range of printing technologies.


Reliable and high-quality assured.


Meeting industry and regulatory requirements.


Striking the balance between economy and quality.


Sustainable and recyclable alternative to film and foil.

Variety of widths

Available in different widths to support
 the converting base.


Designed to meet the specific needs of different industries.

Reduced waste

Less waste at end of supply chain.

There's nothing sweeter than gorgeous, glossy twisting chocolate wrappers